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It is roughly estimated that the number of amateur Go players all over the world amounts to nearly thirty-six million.
There seem to be about five hundred thousand players in Europe and America at present, and owing to a recent Go boom the number in rapidly increasing.

It is generally believed that the essence of the attraction of Go consists in a kind of Oriental mystique, but there is no game so rational and intellectual.
Indeed the game may appear profound and mysterious to outsiders, but every problem connected with the process and outcome can be explained and solved in logical terms.
It is quite natural that such a superlative game has become so popular among millions of people outside of Asia.

It is our great pleasure that, in response to the growing enthusiasm for Go around the world, we have been able to publish this book intended for complete beginners.
We have evoted our whole energies to the compilation of this book, which will be followed by a series of books for more advanced players.
We shall be very happy if this book can be of any help in making this splendid and unique game familiar to more people abroad.